OpenSDK  V4.2.0
Programmming Guideline


1 AppKey:
After applying APP on the OPEN system, the system will generate a corresponding APP Key for each developer APP. For details, refer to Developer APP Management.
2 AccessToken:
The third-party private cloud can get the user AccessToken only when it connects with and authenticates the OPEN EZVIZ system account. With AccessToken, the SDK API can be called to realize functions like live view and playback.
According to different developing modes, two basic alternatives to get AccessToken are provided. For details, refer to Account Connection Procedures Introduction(Open it after downloading the RAR).
3 authAddr:
The default address of OPEN system’s authentication center is . Write this address.
4 openAddr:
The default address of OPEN system's backstage is . Write this address.

Major Calling Procedures of SDK API

Note: All SDK API are defined in OpenNetStream.dll. Other libraries packaged are the dependent libraries of the dll. You should load OpenNetStream.dll before calling API. It is recommended to use dynamic loading.

live view module:


alarm module:


The alarm module and alarm list of data module are of different modes. The alarm module is of positive mode, in which the alarm will be sent to callback function when alarm occurs. While the alarm list is of passive receiving mode, in which the sending of new alarm should be get via calling the API again.