Device capability set description

The device capability set is a set of features used to characterize the capabilities of the device. Based on the device capability set, you can clearly know which functions the device supports.

Due to the continuous update of the ability assembly, if you find a field that does not exist in this description, please promptly feedback

The user can obtain the device capability set by calling the [Query Device Capability Set] (#api_capacity) interface

Serial Number Field Capability Set Field Description
1 support_defence Whether to support arming and disarming, activity detection switch
2 support_talk Whether to support intercom: 0-not supported,1-full duplex, 3-half duplex
3 support_defenceplan Whether to support arming and disarming plan 0-not supported,1-supported, 2-supported new device plan agreement
4 support_disk Whether to support storage format 0-not supported,1-supported
5 support_privacy Whether to support privacy protection 0-not supported,1-supported
6 support_message Whether to support the message 0-not supported,1-supported
7 support_alarm_voice Whether to support alarm sound configuration 0-not supported,1-supported
8 support_auto_offline Whether to support the device to automatically go online and offline 0-not supported,1-supported
9 supprot_encrypt Whether to support video image encryption 0-not supported,1-supported
10 support_upgrade Whether to support device upgrade 0-not supported,1-supported
11 support_cloud Whether the device model supports cloud storage 0-not supported,1-supported
12 support_cloud_version Whether the device version supports cloud storage 0-not supported,1-support needs to be combined with support_cloud: support_cloud = 1, support_cloud_version = 1 only supports cloud storagesupport_cloud = 1, support_cloud_version = 0, this type of device supports cloud storage, but the current firmware version does not support cloud storage. Support_cloud = 0 This type of device does not support cloud storage.
13 support_wifi Whether to support WI-FI: 0-not supported,1-support netsdk configuration WI-FI, 2-support new WI-FI configuration with userId,3-support one Key configuration WI-FI
14 support_capture Whether to support cover capture: 0-not supported,1-supported
15 support_modify_pwd Whether to support changing device encryption password: 0-not supported,1-supported
16 support_resolution Video playback ratio 16-9 means 16: 9 resolution, default 16-9
17 support_multi_screen Whether to support multi-screen playback 0-not supported,1-supported (use by client, regardless of device)
18 support_upload_cloud_file Whether to support mobile phone camera upload to cloud storage `0-not supported, 1-supported
19 support_add_del_detector Whether to support app to remotely add and remove peripherals (detectors): 0-not supported,1-supported
20 support_ipc_link Whether to support IPC and A1 linkage relationship settings: 0-not supported,1-supported
21 support_modify_detectorname Whether to support modifying peripheral (detector) name: 0-not supported,1`-supported
22 support_safe_mode_plan Whether to support switching safety function mode regularly: 0-not supported,1-supported
23 support_modify_detectorguard Does the A1 device support separate arming and disarming:
This field does not exist: Not supported
This field exists: each peripheral is separated by a comma, as listed in table order, each value is 32 bits The value indicates whether each mode can be set in each mode, if a certain detector can be set to enable this parameter, the position is 1,for example "support_modify_guard": "0,0,7,7, 7,0,7,0,0,0 "is the following ability description
detector type outgoing mode (bit0)Sleep mode (bit1)Home mode (bit2)
Smoke feeling000
emergency button000
Door magnet111
Emergency button000
Single door magnet111
Gas detector000
Flood detector000
24 support_weixin Whether the detector type supports WeChat interconnection: 0-not supported,1-supported
25 support_ssl Whether to support sound source localization: 0-not supported,1-supported
26 support_related_device Whether to support the associated device 0-no associated device,1-associated monitoring point or N1, 2-associated detector or A1,3-associated monitoring point detector or R1, 4associated multi-channel device
27 support_related_storage Does NVR / R1 support related IPC storage: 0-not supported,1-supported
28 support_remote_auth_randcode Whether to support device remote authorization to obtain password, 0-not supported,1-supported
29 support_sdk_transport Whether to support the ability level of device cross-network configuration: 0-not supported,1-supported
30 ptz_top_bottom Whether to support PTZ up and down rotation 0-not supported,1-supported
31 ptz_left_right Whether to support pan / tilt rotation 0-not supported,1-supported
32 ptz_45 Whether to support pan / tilt rotation at 45 degrees 0-not supported,1-supported
33 ptz_zoom Whether to support PTZ zoom control 0-not supported,1-supported
34 support_ptz Whether to support PTZ control 0-not supported,1-supported, Note: The capability set of the new device is split into four capabilities of 30-33
35 ptz_preset Whether to support PTZ preset point 0-not supported,1-supported
36 ptz_common_cruise Whether to support normal cruise 0-not supported,1-supported
37 ptz_figure_cruise Whether to support pattern cruise 0-not supported,1-supported
38 ptz_center_mirror Whether to support center mirroring 0-not supported,1-supported
39 ptz_left_right_mirror Whether to support left and right mirroring 0-not supported,1-supported
40 ptz_top_bottom_mirror Whether to support up and down mirroring 0-not supported,1-supported
41 ptz_close_scene Whether to support close lens 0-not supported,1-supported
42 support_wifi_2.4G Whether to support 2.4G wireless frequency band 0-not supported,1-supported
43 support_wifi_5G Whether to support 5G wireless frequency band 0-not supported,1-supported
44 support_wifi_portal Whether to support marketing wifi, only take effect when support_wifi_2.4G = 1:1-support but cannot set marketing page (X1), 2-support and can set marketing page,0-Not supported
45 support_unbind Whether to support the user to unbind the device 0-not supported,1-support reset button to unbind, 2-support interface click OK button to unbind
46 support_auto_adjust Whether to support adaptive stream 0-not supported,1-supported
47 support_timezone Whether to support time zone configuration 0-not supported,1-supported
48 support_language Supported language types: ENGLISH, SIMPCN, ....
49 support_close_infrared_light Whether to support infrared switch 0-not supported,1-supported
50 support_modify_chan_name Whether to support channel name configuration to the device (IPC / NVR) 0-not supported,1-supported
51 support_ptz_model 0-support direct connection + forward PTZ control,1-support direct connection PTZ control, 2-support forward PTZ control
52 support_talk_type 0-use the microphone above,1-use the microphone below for intercom
53 support_chan_type Channel type, 1-digital channel,2-analog channel
54 support_flow_statistics Whether to support passenger flow statistics 0-not supported,1-supported
55 support_more Whether to support the device setting function 0-not supported,1-supported Note: "More configuration" is added on the device settings page, this item is implemented according to [device capability level], and more configurations enter H5 Web display
56 support_remote_quiet Does A1 support remote alarm (silent) function 0-not supported,1-supported
57 support_customize_rate Whether to support custom bit rate 0-not supported,1-supported
58 support_rectify_image Whether to support deformity correction 0-not supported,1-supported
59 support_bluetooth Whether to support Bluetooth 0-not supported,1-supported
60 support_p2p_mode The default is 0, which means the old p2p protocol; configuration is 1, which means that this version supports the new p2p protocol
61 support_microscope Whether to support the microscope function 0-not supported,1-supported
62 support_sensibility_adjust Whether to support motion detection sensitivity adjustment 0-not supported,1-supported
63 support_sleep Whether to support sleep function 0-not supported,1-supported
64 support_audio_onoff Whether to support audio switch setting 0-not supported,1-supported
65 support_protection_mode 0: No protection mode, there may be activity detection (based on support_denfence (serial number 1)) 1: Only protection mode 2: There is protection mode, there may be activity detection (based on support_denfence (serial number 1)) Example of capability level configuration: support_protection_modesupport_denfenceA111 ordinary IPC01C1S21
66 support_rate_limit Whether to support HD bit rate limit 0-does not support bit rate limit,1-supports HD bit rate limit
67 support_userId Is it supported to associate device via UserID 0-not supported,1-supported
68 support_music Whether to support the children's song playback function 0-not supported,1-supported
69 support_replay_speed Whether to support the function of adjusting playback speed 0-not supported,1-supported (only supported by IPC)
70 support_reverse_direct Whether to support reverse direct connection function 0-not supported,1-supported
71 support_channel_offline_notify Whether to support channel offline notification, after support, channel offline will trigger ideoloss alarm 0-not supported,1-supported
72 support_fullscreen_ptz Whether to support the panoramic pan / tilt function 0-not supported,1-supported (supported by C6B and other pan / tilt cameras). If the capability set support_fullscreen_ptz_12 (serial number 82) exists, please refer to the capability setsupport_fullscreen_ptz_12
73 support_preset_alarm Whether to support preset alarm linkage 0-not supported,1-supported (supported by C6B and other PTZ cameras)
74 support_intelligent_track Whether to support intelligent tracking 0-not supported,1-supported (C6B and other PTZ camera support)
75 support_key_focus Whether to support one-key focus 0-not supported,1-supported (supported by F1, F2 and other zoom cameras)
76 support_volumn_set Whether to support volume adjustment 0-not supported,1-supported
77 support_temperature_alarm Whether to support temperature and humidity alarm 0-not supported,1-supported (F2, C1S and other cameras with temperature and humidity sensor support)
78 support_mcvolumn_set Whether to support microphone volume adjustment: 0-not supported,1-supported
79 support_unlock Whether to support unlocking support 0-not supported,1-supported
80 support_noencript_via_antproxy Does it support the ability to automatically encrypt the "no video encryption" stream when going through the proxy 0-not supported,1-supported
81 support_device_offline_notify Whether to support device offline notification 0-not supported,1-supported
82 support_fullscreen_ptz_12 Whether to support the panoramic pan / tilt function 0-not supported,1-supported (C6B and other pan / tilt camera support, 12 panoramic pan / tilt pictures)
83 support_speech_recognition Whether to support speech recognition 0-not supported,1-supported
84 support_message_cover Whether to support message cover 0-not supported,1-supported
85 support_nat_pass Whether to support NAT combination with NAT combination of 3-4 (P2PV2.1) 0-not supported,1-supported
86 support_nvr_whitelist Whether NVR supports whitelist member management 0-not supported,1-supported
87 support_voice_alarmclock Whether to support voice alarm function 0-not supported,1-supported
88 support_new_talk Whether to support the new intercom service 0-not supported,1-supported
89 support_fullday_record Whether to support all-day recording configuration switch 0-not supported,1-supported
90 support_query_play_connections Whether to support querying current preview, playback link information 0-not supported,1-supported
91 support_ptz_auto_reset Whether to support PTZ auto reset 0-not supported,1-supported
92 support_fisheye_mode Whether to support fisheye mode 0-not supported,1-supported
93 support_custom_voice Whether to support custom voice 0-not supported,1-supported (voice alarm clock, alarm sound use)
94 support_new_sound_wave Whether to support sound wave configuration (high frequency version) 0-not supported,1-supported
95 replay_chan_nums Number of channels that can be associated with X3 or N1
96 support_horizontal_panoramic Whether to support horizontal panorama 0-not supported,1-supported
97 support_active_defense Whether to support active defense function: 0-not supported,1-active defense button, 2-active defense button + light reminder switch
98 support_motion_detect_area Whether to support motion detection area drawing 0-not supported,1-supported
99 support_chan_defence Whether to support channel arming and disarming 0-not supported,1-supported
100 ptz_focus Whether to support focal length mode 0-not supported,1-supported
101 support_pir_detect Whether to support infrared detection capability 0-not supported,1-supported (cat eye)
102 support_doorbell_talk Whether to support the doorbell call ability 0-not supported,1-supported (cat eye)
103 support_face_detect Whether to support face detection capability 0-not supported,1-supported (cat eye)
104 support_restart_time Device restart time, the configuration unit is seconds, the default is 120s
105 support_human_filter Whether to support human filtering capability 0-not supported,1-supported) (C5SI model, the device is supported by smart chip hardware)
106 support_human_service Whether to support humanoid detection capability 0-not supported,1-supported (device + platform service is activated to realize humanoid detection service capability device can be supported by updating software version)
107 support_ap_mode Whether to support adding device to configure WiFi use, 0: not supported,1: smartconfig + sound wave failure, support AP configuration network, 2: device default AP configuration network
108 support_continuous_cloud Whether to support continuous cloud storage 0-not supported,1-supported, note: it has nothing to do with support_cloud (serial number 11)
109 support_doorbell_sound Whether to support focal length mode 0-not supported,1-supported
110 support_associate_detector Whether to support association detector 0-not supported,1-supported
111 support_modify_username Whether to support the modification of the user's note name of the door lock 0-not supported,1-supported
112 support_transfertype Preview streaming format transfer type: 0-tcp, 1-udp, default 0 means tcp
113 support_vertical_panoramic Whether to support vertical panorama (corresponding to support_horizontal_panoramic (serial number 96)) 0-not supported,1-supported
114 support_alarm_light Whether to support security lights 0-not supported,1-supported
115 support_alarm_area Whether to support security lights 0-not supported,1-supported
116 support_chime Whether to support doorbell extension 0-not supported,1-supported
117 support_video_mode Whether to support support_video_mode 0-not supported,1-supported
118 support_relation_camera Whether to support W2D related camera function 0-not supported,1-supported
119 support_pir_setting Whether to support PIR (infrared) area setting 0-not supported,1-supported
120 support_battery_manage Whether to support battery management 0-not supported,1-supported

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