Update Description

Update Description for EZVIZ Open System V3.0.2


  1. Improved the live address related APIs: Get Live Video List, Get Live Address with Specified Expiry Date.The format is same with the official website.
  2. Added some error codes and error descriptions.

Update Description for EZVIZ Open System V2.5.11


  1. Added APIs for IPC operation via NVR:Link IPC to NVR,Dekete IPC form NVR,It makes IPC operation via NVR more conveniently.
  2. Added APIs for device switch settings: Video Tampering,Sound Source Positioning,Action Detection Schedule.
  3. Added APIs for subscribing C users' alarm message: Subscribe Alarm Information of C Users,It can be used for the B mode admin user to subscribe the device alarm information of C users.
  4. Added APIs for A1 series device: Link IPC to Detector,Edit Detector Name,One-touch Clear Alarm.
  5. Added API for setting people counting:Set People Counting Information..

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